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Hindu Spiritualism

Hindu spiritualism is one of the most researched subjects and a hot topic for discussion these days. It encompasses two terms, namely “Hindu” and “spiritualism”. Knowing the meaning of both these terms is the key to getting an insight into Hindu spiritualism.
A Hindu is the follower of Hinduism which is the most ancient religion known till date. Its spiritual concept revolves around different ways of preaching the Almighty. To some people, Hinduism is a way of life. Others associate it with religious beliefs or tradition. In both these forms, it is essentially a faith of universal consciousness, oneness, and tolerance.
Hindus believe in karma, life-death cycle and reincarnation, and atman or soul. While Hindus share many beliefs, there are also some common or core beliefs among them. The prominent ones them are that truth is eternal, souls of individuals do not die, Vedas consist of spiritual knowledge with authority, the purpose of birth is to attain moksha or become one with the almighty, everyone should do their best to be on the side of dharma, and so on.