Refund Policy

Customers are urged to use caution and prudence while obtaining reports because no refund requests will be granted once the report has been assigned to an astrologer for preparation. However, if you need to cancel a report order, you can do so up to an hour after placing it by sending an email to support@yoursatya.com.

Reports are delivered within 72 hours of the user providing the necessary information. Although these reports are tailored and manually created by our astrologers, occasionally delays caused by people may be unavoidable. Minor delays which are regarded fair will not be treated as a basis for reimbursements. Additionally, refund requests for incorrect data input by customers will never be honoured. As a result, before sending us your data, please double-check it. However, if you email us at support@yoursatya.com within an hour of ordering the report, we’ll take the necessary modifications into account.